Save the waves fundraiserA group of Eisenhower students, led by Mrs. Klinkner, worked to raise funds to clean up our oceans through “Save the Waves”.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Save the Waves fundraiser, your generosity was overwhelming! After raising $692 for Team Seas, the whole school has earned ALL the possible incentives/rewards!
On Friday, May 13 we will “represent” our favorite sports team along with the extra 15-minute recess for every grade level. On Friday, May 20th will be comfy clothes/pajama day.
After such a successful fundraiser, we deserve some fun!
A special Shout out goes to the 4th grade Save the Waves committee for their leadership, enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work, without them this would not have been possible!
Also, thank you Mr. Ferguson for your ideas, enthusiasm, and support; you are AWESOME!
~Mrs. Klinkner