About Our School


Eisenhower currently serves 550 students in Preschool through 5th grade. Included in our outstanding programming is support for students with special needs. Specifically, we have programs for students with autism, students with special needs served in our Personal Learning Program (PLP), students requiring academic supports, and students needing enrichment through gifted and talented programming.  Our school’s atmosphere of caring, concern and understanding for each person as an individual is evident throughout the building and in our school mission statement.  The mission of Eisenhower Elementary is to inspire, to educate, and to expand the total student.  Our mission charges us to create a positive and warm school climate where we teach students to accept responsibility for their own behavior and learning.   We strive to work in partnership with parents to continually enhance all school programs and to help each child succeed to their full capacity.
Our Eisenhower pledge is recited every morning and each child is challenged to act in ways to support these words:

Eisenhower, make the world a better place by…
acting responsibly,
treating others fairly,
showing respect,
and being a good citizen.
And remember Eisenhower, YOU ARE AWESOME!