Site Council

The purpose of the School Improvement Team (Site Council) is to involve parents, school staff,community members and business partners in school-based shared decision-making. Eisenhower parents, staff, and business partners comprise this council. These team members work to support the school as it implements the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive School Plan.

The goal of school-based shared decision-making is to impact the instructional program in order to improve student achievement and provides a process to make informed decisions about the future through the involvement of school staff, parents and community leaders.

Decisions are made and changes implemented as part of the school-based shared process and need to be in accordance with Board of Education policy, employment contracts, and state and federal law. At the same time, the process should encourage innovation and experimentation when this is feasible and appropriate.

When parents, students, teachers and community members unite to provide quality education for our students, a true spirit of collaboration and trust provide us with the best ingredients for success.